Topographical Skills Training & Mock Test

How to get a PCO Licence

To become a private hire minicab driver in London, you must hold a PCO Licence. Before you apply for your PCO Licence complete an enhanced CRB/DBS check, complete TfL Medical Declaration Form (TPH/204) and then send off your London Private Hire Driver Licensing Application Form (PHV/203) to TfL. You will then be invited to book your topographical skills test and once you pass, you will be issued with your Private Hire Minicab licence. From October 14th 2016 all new and renewal applicants will have to complete a TfL English Test. There are fees for each part of the application process, please check our PCO Licence costs to see what it will cost you.

Topographical Test Questions

The TfL Topographical Test is made up of 5 modules that cover a range of skills. You will be firstly asked to identify locations on an AZ Atlas, followed by answering route planning questions at different distances and then some basic topography related questions. Our topographical skills training covers all the modules followed by a topographical skills mock test.

Topographical Skills Mock Test

We offer a timed topographical skills mock test service.  You will be tested in exam conditions and then provided with results and feedback.  This is a great way to see if you’re ready for the actual test.  Remember you only get 2 chances to pass the actual TfL Topographical Skills Test.

Book Topographical Training & Mock Test

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Once you have submitted this form, we will contact you and book you in for a training and mock test session. It is very important that you attend your training on time, if you need to cancel or re-arrange, please let us know.

Guide to getting a TfL PCO Minicab Licence Learn how to become a minicab driver in London

TfL English Test & Training

Transport for London Private Hire application process has changed, from 14th October 2016 ALL applicants will need to show proof they can communicate in English with either a B1 level English certificate or equivalent.

Knowing how to communicate in clear English is a vital part of being a private hire minicab driver. Not only is it good for your own customer service but for the safety and comfort of your passengers. This new addition will also benefit you in other aspects of your work and life, so we encourage people to approach the new requirement with confidence.

We have B1 English language courses available to help you gain the confidence to pass the B1 English language test. Get in touch and we will help you get started.

UPDATE:TfL have provided a list of alternative qualifications they will accept as evidence for English Language Requirements. We offer alternative vocational courses to the TfL B1 English Test. View more information about alternative courses here.