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TfL Topographical Skills Test Information

New Computer Topographical Skills Test Modules

Module 1: Index Questions

Module 1 of the TfL Topographical Skills Test, requires you to use the Index section of the AZ Atlas of Greater London to Identify page numbers and grid square references.

Topographical Module 1 = 10 marks

Example Question :
Identify the grid reference and page number of Parliament Street, London.

Module 2: Map-reading Questions

Module 2 assesses a candidate’s ability to use different maps within an atlas.

Topographical Module 2 = 11 marks

Example Question:
Identify the grid reference and page number of Parliament Street, London.


Module 3: Route questions

Module 3 various route selection. This module is a route planning question that will assess your ability to plan and plot on a digital map a route between two locations and answer questions relating to your route, such as postcodes and localities you travel through.

Topographical Module 3 = 75 marks

Example Question:
Write down the most direct route from Oxford Circus to Stratford E20. Please include all road names and directions you take.  Here is TfL’s video on how you will need to plot a route – Topographical Skills Video

Module 4: Compass direction questions

Module 4 candidates are required to answer directional questions based on an image provided.

Topographical Module 4 = 4 marks

Example Question:

You start at junction 1 and travel 2 streets east. Then you travel 1 street south. What junction number are you at now?


Additional Questions

TfL have mentioned that they will be adding more questions in the future which will covers health and safety and highway code.



Total Marks needed to pass the TfL Topographical Skills Test

To pass the Tfl Topographical Skills Test, your need a minimum of 60 marks out of 100. Remember, you only get 2 chances to pass the topographical skills test.

Marks needed to pass = 60/100

You only get 2 chances to pass the topographical skills test, if you fail twice, you will need to go through the whole application process again including paying all the fees. It is very important that your train before this test.

TfL Licensing Process & Fees


You can order your application forms online via the TfL Private Hire Application Website, just register and choose to either have your Private Hire Application form and medical form sent to the address on your Driving Licence or opt to complete the application online.

If you are not sure on how to do this, we can help you. Just give us a call on 020 8088 1230 and we will book you in for an appointment.

Choose our application pack and we can help you complete your PCO application and CRB for just £40


You must complete an Enhanced CRB via a TfL recognised CRB DBS provider. The easiest way to complete this is online via the TfL Approved CRB Providers website. TfL does not accept CRB certificates from any other CRB provider or existing CRB’s for other roles.

If you’re not sure how to complete your CRB online or worried about making mistakes, just come in and see us and we can help you.

Choose our application pack and we can help you complete your Enhanced CRB & Application for just £40


You will need to book an appointment with your GP or our Private GP and get a medical check done and TfL medical declaration completed. Some GP’s may ask you to complete the eye test at an opticians, our Private GP includes the eye test.

If you are a bus driver, you may not need to complete a medical.

Our private GP medical services costs £80, but you must bring your medical summary from your own doctor. You can usually pick this up at the reception at your own doctors surgery.


Once you’ve completed you CRB and Medical, you can send off your TfL Private Hire Licence application form along with the £310 licensing fees.

You can only get to the next stage of your application once you’ve sent off your form to TfL

Our application service insures your forms are filled in correct and copies of the required documents are included before you submit the form.


Once you’ve sent off your application, TfL will write to you and invite you to book your topographical skills test.

You will need to look through the list of TfL host test centres to book your test. Test prices depend on which centre you choose, they can be anything between £50 to £75.

You must call TfL on 0343 222 444 and choose options 1,2 then 3 to get through to the Topographical Test Department. Once you’ve booked your test date, get in touch with us on 020 8088 1230 to book your training.


It is vital you take preparation training for the Tfl Topographical Skills Test, especially as you only get 2 chances to pass.

We offer various forms of training, the most popular being our classroom training which is available at our centre and costs £50. If you prefer we also offer private 1 to 1 training where it’s just you and the teacher for £100.

To pass the topographical skills test your need to get atleast 60 our of 100 marks. Current pass rate is around 42%, so it is important you know what to expect on the test.


On your test day, make sure you arrive at least 30minutes earlier than your booked time. If you arrive late for your test, it will be marked as a fail and this would mean you only have 1 chance left to pass.

The test will take 2 hours to complete and will be held in exam conditions. You will get your results emailed or sent via post to you around 10 working days after the test.

Once you’ve passed your topographical skills test, TfL normally issues your licence within 2 weeks.


Once you’ve completed the process, TfL will issue your Private Hire Licence but with a condition that you need to show proof of English Language.

You have until 30th of April 2019 to provide TfL with proof of English Language. This can be done by sending TfL a certificate of either a qualification you already hold or completing a new qualification.

We have TfL English Language course and tests available from £250. Please get in touch on 020 8088 2787 and we can help you further.

Call on 020 8088 1230

or book online

Don’t forget to bring

  • Your Passport (must be in date)
  • UK/EU Driving Licence (at least 3 years of driving experience)
  • National Insurance Number (N.I Number)
  • Bank statement (from within 3 months)

Try before your Apply for your PCO Licence

Topographical Skills Mock & Trial Test £20

The PCO Licence can cost over £500 before you even get the approved with the licence.  If you are not fully sure if you will pass the Topographical Skills Test or just want to know what it’s about before making the commitment.  Then try out our Topographical Skills Mock Trial Test package for just £20.

In real test conditions with actual test questions, remember you only get 2 chances to pass with TfL.  After which you will need to go through the whole application process again including the expenses.