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The much-anticipated TfL private hire English Language Requirement is now officially in place. Starting from 14th October 2016, all applicants including new and renewal whether born in the UK or not will have to provide evidence that they can communicate in English. It’s slightly later than the original announcement that it would be implanted from the 1st of October 2016 and TfL have made a few adjustments from their original plans.


How hard will the TfL English Language Test be?

We reckon it will be pretty challenging for all private hire drivers, the test includes all aspects of the B1 English Language CEFR Level certification. This means you will need to be able to Read & Write and Speak & Listen in order to pass the test.


The Reading & Writing test is 2 hours and requires you to complete 4 tasks in total. The Speaking & Listening test will last around 18 minutes and you will be required to complete a further 4 tasks.


How much will the TfL English Language Test cost?

The test will be conducted at a TfL approved Secure English Language Test centre and costs between £180 – £200. The test can be completed in a day.


How to revise for the TfL English Language Test?

If you need to brush up or start from the beginning, we will be offering courses to help you train until you are ready to take the test. There are some materials available online which you can use to revise, but for complete peace of mind we advise you to at least have a little chat with one of our teachers who will help you determine your level of English and how much training/revision you will need. The B1 English Language course price will be determined by your level of English and how much training you need, the most basic intensive course which will be 1 week will cost £250, additional weeks will be discounted.


Is the English Language Requirement for UK Citizens also?

To keep the process equal, TfL have decided to get everyone to either take the B1 test or prove that they are already qualified enough to be at the B1 English Language Level. If you have studies in the UK or Abroad up to a GCSE grade of A* to G in English, then you can provide you existing certificates and TfL will consider your certificate. The same goes for anyone who has studied for UK Citizenship test such as the ESOL, you may also provide your existing certificates and TfL will also consider them.


Why is the TfL English Language test needed?

For the safety and comfort of your passenger you as a professional driver should be able to efficiently communicate with your passenger. If in an emergency you may need to communicate with the emergency services to help yourself and the public. It will also improve the quality of customer service you provide and all in all be beneficial to you as a driver.


Need more information on the TfL English Language Test?

All these new rules can be confusing, so feel free to get in touch with us via email if you have any questions. Email us on info@pcolondon.co.uk