PCO Licence Price Increase 2017 October 6, 2017 – Posted in: Private Hire News – Tags: , , , , , , ,

The cost of getting a PCO Licence (TfL Private Hire Minicab Licence) has increased for the first time since April 2013. Along with the new operator and vehicle licensing fee increases.

Drivers who want to get their PCO licence now have to pay a total of £310 licensing fee, this use to be £250.

The cost of getting a PCO licence has increased greatly due to the extra demand from the large number of number of licensed drivers TfL has to maintain. The process of getting a PCO licence has changed a little compared to previous year, which has also resulted in an increase on the total price of getting a PCO licence.

Below we’ve listed a comparison of the total price in 2015 to the new prices in 2017 (We missed out 2016 as there were many changes in that year).

Item 2015 2017
TfL Licence Fee £250 £310
Topographical Training FREE £80
Topographical Test £50 £50
Application Processing £30 £40
CRB DBS Submit £56.85 £56.85
Medical Declaration £80 £80
TOTAL £466.85 £616.56

In addition to this, drivers will also have to spend a minimum of £180 on an English Language Test but this cost can increase if a driver fails or needs a preparation course which start from £100 in some places and can go up to the thousands depending on how much preparation a driver needs.

As the number of drivers grow in the city, it seems TfL who cannot cap the number of drivers are looking at ways to discourage more people getting their PCO licence. TfL have introduced a new fee tariff for Private Hire Operators and for drivers the fee to get your PCO Badge (Vehicle License) has increased to £140, it used to be £100.