PCO Licence Requirements Prepare for PCO Licence application

Before applying to become a private hire minicab driver in London, you must take the following information in to account.

Age Requirement

All private hire driver applicants must be at least 21 years of age or more. This is to ensure that the youngest possible minicab drivers have had at least 3 years driving experience.

Driving Experience

Drivers looking to become private hire minicab or chauffeur drivers must have a minimum of 3 years experience of driving. If you are coming up to your 3rd year, you can begin the application process a little early. Most people in this situation tend to get their Topographical Skills Test done around 3/4 weeks before followed by their CRB and Medical Check.

Type of Drivers Licence

A valid DVLA Full UK drivers licence (Manual or Automatic), Northern Ireland or an EEA (European Economic Area) licence. Please bring your licence with you when attending. As a professional driver you should always keep your licence with you.

Be of Good Character

Transport for London require you to complete an Enhanced CRB DBS background check to determine if you are of Good Character. By doing a driving job you will be exposed to the public and their safety and comfort is important.

Right to Work in UK

You must have the right to work in the UK in order to get your private hire minicab licence. If you have been limited by time, you may ask TfL to grant you a licence for up to when you time expires.

Medical Examination

A professional driver should be fit and well to drive the public, for this reason it is important that you undertake a DVLA group 2 medical with you GP or with a private GP who has been given access to your full medical records. Along with the medical check you will be required to take an eye test.

Navigating and Map Reading

Even though we have Sat Navs or GPS maps on our phones, as a minicab driver you should have a good idea of how to navigate by using maps as well as have general knowledge of major motorways, postal districts, ports, landmarks and route planning. You will be tested on this by completing a Topographical Skills test. Upon passing you will be issued a topographical skills certificate.

Private Hire Rules & Highway Code

The upcoming Topographical Test will include private hire rules and highway code. Drivers should know the rules and regulations of being a minicab driver and understand the highway code as they will be spending a lot of time on the road.

Speak and Understand English

As you will be dealing with the public, it is very important for their safety and comfort that you are able to communicate with them in English. A new requirement for all new and renewal Private Hire drivers licence applicants will need to complete a B1 (CEFR) standard English Language test to prove they can effectively speak and understand English or provide evidence of a qualification which is similar to the B1 English qualification. Learn more about the TfL English Test.

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