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If you like many others have received a letter from TfL dated 28th October 2016 regarding the new English Language Requirement and are a little confused by it here is some more information to hopefully clarify this letter.

Firstly the 2 questions that we’ve been asked the most. “I am a British Citizen or I was born in the UK, do I still need to do this test?”  According to the letter and from recent updates on the TfL wesbite, it is stated that ALL new and renewal private hire licence applicants must pass the English Language Requirement.   You should now ignore anything TfL or any other website may have published regarding the English Language Requirement as the point of sending this letter out to you is to tell you the most up to date information regarding this new requirement.

The other question is “I have am an existing Private Hire Licence holder, do I have to do the test before the 31st of March 2017?”.  No you do not need to do the test now unless your renewal is before the 31st of March 2017, if your renewal is after the 1st of April 2017 then you only need to pass the test and send proof of English Language with your renewal.  So for example if you are due to renew your licence in November 2018, then you will need to provide the proof with your renewal application for that date.  On the other hand if your licence is up for renewal December 2016, then you can renew but will have up to the 31st of March 2017 to provide proof for the new English Langauge requirement.

How to pass the new English Language Requirement?

You must either do a B1 English Test at a SELT (Secure English Language Test) centre approved by TfL.  Once you have passed you will need to provide the certificate with your NEW application or RENEWAL application.  However there are alternatives, if you have studied in the UK at GCSE or A-Level standard and passed, you can submit those certificates instead.  If you have lost these certificates you can either contact the exam board for replacement or you can use our GCSE certificate replacement service.  If you have already done ESOL (B1) or similar which covers Speaking & Listening and Reading & Writing, you may submit the original certificate accompanied with a letter from the college you did your course at and TfL will also consider this.

What is the B1 English Course and do I need to do it?

The B1 English course is not compulsory, if you are confident you can go and book your test directly.  However we understand that many applicants may not have taken a test in many years and would like to get a better understanding of what the B1 English Language test entails.  We advise people to take our 1 week intensive course which will help with the preparation before the B1 English Test.  The course fees are separate from the test fees.

I already have B1 Speaking & Listening Certificate, is this enough?

No, you will need to still do the B1 English Language Reading & Writing exams at an SELT centre to pass the TfL English Language Requirement.

We hope we’ve manage to clarify the matter a little better, if you have further question please feel free to ask them below or email us

For more information on the English Language Test, please visit our dedicated website.