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Topographical Skills Test Modules

Module 1: Index Questions

Module 1 of the TfL Topographical Skills Test, requires you to use the Index section of the AZ Atlas of Greater London to Identify page numbers and grid square references.

Topographical Module 1 = 10 marks

Example Question :
Identify the grid reference and page number of Parliament Street, London.

Module 2: Map-reading Questions

Module 2 assesses a candidate’s ability to use different maps within an atlas.

Topographical Module 2 = 11 marks

Example Question:
Identify the grid reference and page number of Parliament Street, London.

Module 3: Route questions

Module 3 various route selection. This module is a route planning question that will assess your ability to plan and plot on a digital map a route between two locations and answer questions relating to your route, such as postcodes and localities you travel through.

Topographical Module 3 = 75 marks

Example Question:
Write down the most direct route from Oxford Circus to Stratford E20. Please include all road names and directions you take.  Here is TfL’s video on how you will need to plot a route – Topographical Skills Video

Module 4: Compass direction questions

Module 4 candidates are required to answer directional questions based on an image provided.

Topographical Module 4 = 4 marks

Example Question:

You start at junction 1 and travel 2 streets east. Then you travel 1 street south. What junction number are you at now?

Additional Questions

TfL have mentioned that they will be adding more questions in the future which will covers health and safety and highway code.


Total Marks needed to pass the TfL Topographical Skills Test

To pass the Tfl Topographical Skills Test, your need a minimum of 60 marks out of 100. Remember, you only get 2 chances to pass the topographical skills test.

Marks needed to pass = 60/100

You only get 2 chances to pass the topographical skills test, if you fail twice, you will need to go through the whole application process again including paying all the fees. It is very important that your train before this test.

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