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The TfL website was updated on 26th July 2017 to confirm the much talked about delay to the TfL English Test requirement deadline.


Originally TfL announced the English Language Requirement and set a deadline for any drivers applying or renewing after the 14th of October 2016, would need to provide proof of English Language in a form of a valid certificate by the end of March 2017.  This date was delayed after Uber UK decided to take TfL to court to make changes to the English Language Requirement.  Uber wanted TfL to keep the English Language requirement but remove the need for the Reading & Writing in English requirement and only have the drivers tested for Speaking & Listening.


The original English Language deadline was moved from end of March 2017 to end of September 2017, due to the court case which Uber lost but then on June 2017, Uber managed to go back to court and get the right to appeal the decision and will now be taking TfL back to court on 20th February 2018.


Due to the new court date, there was much talk online about TfL moving the English Language requirement deadline more nearer to April 2018, but TfL officially announced on their website that this date will now be even further than speculated and the deadline for the English Language Requirement has moves to 16th July 2018.


What does this mean?


Due to the deadline being moved, drivers who are applying for their new PCO licence or renewing their current licence before the deadline date, now have until the 16th of July 2018 to prepare and pass their English test or provide existing proof.


TfL are continuing to ask driver to take their test and provide proof of English as the rules have not officially changed and the full scope of the situation will be known at the end of the court case.  After the court date drivers will still be required to do an English test of some sort as Uber is not trying to get rid of the English test but make changes to make the test more suitable for Private Hire Drivers, so this means you will have to do a test at some point as proof of English Language.


It is best to start preparing early and now that there’s almost a year before the deadline, there is plenty of time to learn and pass the TfL English Test.


Now is also a great opportunity to apply for the TfL Private Hire licence and become a minicab driver and earn good money over the busy season and then complete your English language course and test later.


What do I need to get a PCO Licence?

Here are the current requirements and steps to becoming a TfL Private Hire minicab driver.

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a UK or European Driving Licence
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Complete an enhanced DBS CRB (through TfL’s recognised service provider)
  • Complete a Medical Declaration with a GP
  • Complete the TfL Topographical Skills Test

The order of steps to becoming a Private Hire Driver has slightly changed.

Step 1:  Get in touch with us and we will help you sign up and order your Private Hire Licence Forms.   Call Driver View on 020 8088 1230

Step 2: Complete your Enhanced CRB DBS Check & Medical Declaration (We can help you with these)

Step 3: Complete online or send the paper application along with your medical and completed CRB to Transport for London and wait for their reply, which will confirm they have received your application and provide you with the reference to book your Topographical Skills Test.

Step 4:  Call TfL on 0343 222 4444 and book your Topographical Skills Test at one of the new host centres.

Step 5: Book your intensive Topographical Skills Training with mock test with us and have the best chance to pass the actual test with TfL.

Note: TfL now give only 2 chances to pass the new topographical skills test, if you fail twice then you have must go through the whole application process again, if you arrive late then they also class this as a fail.  So, it is vital you attend our training course to make sure you have the best chances to pass the topographical skills test and not waste money.

You cannot book your Topographical Skills test with TfL until you have completed your medical, CRB and sent off your Private Hire application form and paid the relevant fees. 

For more information on how to get your PCO Licence, get in touch with Driver View on 020 8088 1230.