Uber Topographical Test Centre vs Local Topographical Test Centres we compare our topographical test centre with uber's

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If you are looking to become a minicab driver in London and have decided to take the first steps by booking your topographical skills training, then you will be met with the choice of which training centre to go to. We’ve decided to compare our service to the one that’s offered by the Uber topographical test centre.  We’ve divided the comparison by the different aspects of the whole topographical skills process.

Booking Methods

UBER: Booking your topographical test must be done online or over the phone via TfL and can often be through a friend referring your contact details to Uber. You can only book in to predefined training session times and they are only open 5 days a week.

DRIVER VIEW: Boooking can be done online or you can call us or walk in and start training the same day. Our centre is open 7 days a week and no appointments are required but you can choose to book a time if you wish.

On arrival to the test centre

UBER: Join their long queues with limited direction, you will be among many people trying to upload their information themselves to register.

DRIVER VIEW: No long queues, just pop in and we’ll register you in and check all your documents. At this stage you can ask us all the questions you need about the private hire application process.

Training & Time

UBER: 4 hours of training and test, if you fail they tell you to go elsewhere. You train among large groups of people and there’s no real time to get questions answered one to one.

DRIVER VIEW: The length of the training is based on your own map reading knowledge and abilities. On arrival we will do an initial assessment to see how much training you will need. Our aim is to make sure you fully understand the topographical skills test and will provide all the training you need so you can pass. On average most of our training sessions last about 2 hours and you are welcome to come and use our centre and maps to revise before your test.

If you prefer you can now use our online topographical skills training, which gives you the freedom of training when you want and where you want.

Advice & Help

UBER: No one to one advice, just general information given out on printed paper. Your data is collected to use for marketing, so you will receive texts and emails from Uber. Uber is a private hire operator, so there end goal is to get you to sign up as a driver so their opinions and advice may be bias.

DRIVER VIEW: One of one advice from our team of experienced trainers who are all also private hire drivers themselves. There is no bias as we are not looking to sign you up as a driver. You can call us for advice or pop in anytime, even after you have your private hire licence. We do not sell or collect your data for marketing.


UBER: Free, but you are giving them your data which is more valuable to them for marketing. Plus the long queues and large groups means no personal service, you are just a number.

DRIVER VIEW: £80, 1 to 1 training, no groups, no queues and we do not sell or use your data for marketing. We offer a personal service and are here to help every stage of the private hire licensing process.  Or £29.99 if you chose to use our online topographical skills training.

Online Topographical Training

Online topographical skills training

Online topographical skills training

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